Blocking Strikes

I guess this is as good a place to start as any, so I’ll get straight into it. 

I recently watched a match where two heavyweights were laying into each other; both have reputations as tough guys, but one specifically as a solid striker. As the other wrestler came back I noticed that he was blocking these tough strikes with two arms rather than the “traditional” single arm block. 

The reason I think this is worth mentioning is that it stood out to me as different from what everyone else does in that situation, not only that but it also fit perfectly with the characters and their reputations.  

It bears thinking about how small things like this can help put across a bigger story, most people won’t notice it directly but you might find that people pick up the larger story without being aware of these small things. 

Words of caution here though; make sure that if you decide to do this you use it in the right way. I’ve seen this same technique used twice since, (presumably I’m not the only one who noticed it) once was by a big guy blocking a smaller guys strikes and it looked ridiculous, it didn’t help either guy look good. The second time was by two guys similar in stature, neither renowned strikers, however one was a southpaw and the two handed block allowed the guy blocking to smoothly work into another move where a right handed block would have made it awkward. 

I guess the take home here is that things like this can be used to tell your story or make things look cool, and either is fine, but make sure it has some meaning. 

If you like this and want more people to see it please feel free to share on social media or leave a comment below. Both will help. 


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