By Way of an Introduction

Apparently first blog posts are supposed to be all about who you are, who you are writing for, why you are writing the blog, and what you are going to write about so let’s get down to it. 

To start with this will be a longer post than most of the pieces I will upload on here but hopefully it will give you, the reader, a good take on the kind of things that you are going to be able to get out of the rest of the content here. But first, who am I?  

In an attempt to avoid any kind of existential crisis or getting too philosophical:

·         My name is Simon, I am a professional wrestler

·         I have wrestled under the ring name The Saint in the UK for the best part of 16 years and had hundreds of matches

·         In that time I have stepped in the ring with some of the best that this country and the world have had to offer

·         I’ve also been trained by some of the best in the world in this business

·         On top of all that I have also helped train a number of wrestlers who came out of the 4FW Academy in Swindon

I am writing this blog as a wrestler for wrestlers, if you are a fan by all means please feel free to continue to read, it just might not be the most entertaining wrestling blog out there from your POV. The reason for starting is simply for me to have an outlet to discuss some of the things I see in pro wrestling that I either like or dislike. 

It’s not going to be an angry or bitter rant about the state of wrestling today, in fact some posts will be very specific and granular going into detail on what seems like a very small thing but I am firmly of the belief that these small things are important. If you have ever trained with me you might have experienced my mind wandering off at a tangent on a topic related to what we were working on to highlight something I had seen that I thought should either be emulated or avoided, since the Academy closed down last year I haven’t had that chance to let those things out and I think my wife and kids are getting tired of me talking about it to them!!

I’m going to avoid naming people unless I have express permission from everyone involved in the item I discuss, this blog isn’t to praise or shame specific people, as I said earlier it will focus on the technique or skill that I am describing, if you watch plenty of wrestling you might even be able to guess the source but there are no prizes for that! Everything I write here is also just my take on the things I am discussing, I’m not saying that I am right or that the way I see things is the only way to see them but hopefully the insight might be useful to someone reading it. 

Ultimately I want to help people improve what they are doing so that they can benefit from the improvement and the people watching benefit from an improved show.

I plan to publish one of these a week to start with. If you like them and want more then I can add to it from there, you can also sign up for email updates by going to the menu and selecting sign up for email. I’ll also credit the photographer for images I use; so credit to Oli Sandler of Ringside Perspective for the ones on the home page and contact page.

Finally, if you like this blog and want more people to see it please share it around on social media, or leave comments below the posts, both will help more people find the content. So, time to get on with it hey?  



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