Not Just for Referees

This blog is going to focus on referees, but wait, before you think ‘I’m going to stop reading now because I’m a wrestler not a ref’, think about who the referees you work with are. Ever been in a match where a bad ref had been detrimental to the work you are doing?

I was watching a TV match recently when the referee did something I haven’t noticed before. When one of the wresters were thrown out to the floor the ref simply leaned out through the ropes and said, clearly and loud enough for the camera to pick up, that there was going to be a 10 count and that they needed to get back in before it got to that. Then he came back into the ring and started the count. 

The reason I like this simple touch is twofold, I think it adds a bit of realism, but more than that I think that sometimes it pays to remind the crowd watching of what the rules are. Yes, of course as wrestlers we know the rules, and in a realistic situation rules are generally gone over in the back but there will often be new people in the crowd and sometimes it pays to help them understand the complicated, and sometimes quite elastic, rules that we live by in the squared circle. 

This is one of those ‘don’t over use it’ ones though, it would become tired and boring very quickly if every time someone got thrown out of the ring this was used. Still, if you are a promoter, consider using the refs to communicate what can and can’t be done to the crowd. It might just make that dodgy finish to the main event go over better with everyone. 

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