Quick Endings

Today I’m going to write about something that I feel like I don’t see that often any more. Now this might just be my perception, and I’ll put my hands up here and say that I don’t watch as many TV matches anymore (as opposed to PPV and Independent events) so that might be a factor. 

I was watching a match recently that, after a period of one guy beating down the other a lot, saw his opponent start to fire up “Hogan Style” against his opponent’s strikes. You often see this in matches as a precursor to a big comeback but in this match it went slightly differently. As the wrestler was standing back up in the face of these strikes, after getting in a couple of hits of his own, he sent the other guy into the corner, ran in, and immediately was cut off with a big move and put in a submission for the finish. 

The reason I like this as a finish is because I find, as someone who has watched wrestling for years, that some matches can be a bit predictable in terms of both results and structure. due to the calibre of the wrestlers in this one I was expecting the match to last at least another couple of minutes with a longer comeback at the end so the finish took me by surprise. The match was the main event of a TV show and compared to the usual continuous big move and close near falls I’ve seen in that spot recently this ending was out of the blue. 

Some words of warning here when thinking about using something like this, it can make your opponent look weak which can be detrimental for you both and the show as a whole so make sure it fits with who is involved. Sometimes an established character can get away with this, but someone newer might need to be helped to look strong earlier in the bout to avoid any negative effects. Also note that in this example the submission has been built up as a finisher for the wrestler involved so the move used wasn’t a surprise even if the timing was. 

I’m going to leave it at that on this one although there are many tangents I could go off on, my own quick ending if you like.


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