One of the worst things you can do in wrestling is rush, I don’t think you should do it. 

The End 

Ok, so it’s not the end really, but I do think people have a habit of rushing things in the ring. As you can see from the above, when that happens no one really gets any value from it. 

I was watching a match recently between two people working near the top level of the industry; one was considerably newer and also significantly bigger than the other person in the ring. The bigger combatant was beating down the smaller wrestler and delivered two very quick striking moves, one in the middle of the ring and a running one in the corner. They then proceeded to finish off with a big move that required the opponent the run at her offensively in order to hit it.  

In itself this sequence isn’t necessarily wrong; my reservation about it is when all of these moves are strung together in the space of about 15-20s especially with a much bigger opponent hitting everything. Firstly I think it can devalue the moves that you are doing, and although there is a swing at the moment what moves to do and when to do them, I think you still have to pay some attention to why you are doing them at that time as well. Secondly, I think rushing this stuff looks messy which heightens the chance of a mistake and reduces the visual effect of what you are doing in the eyes of the fans.  

A piece of advice that I have passed on several times which I credit to Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (although I heard it second hand) is this: 

“If you think you are going too slow, slow down 

I think having that in mind is helpful, especially the newer you are to this. If you have this in the back of your mind then you are more likely to control what you are doing which will benefit both you and your opponent. 

NB – Quick afterthought here, don’t read this and think everything should be at a snail’s pace, this is more about choosing the right time to use speed to get the outcome that you want. Not everything has to go at a million miles an hour, nor does it have to be walked through. 

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3 thoughts on “Rushing  

  1. Hi Saint.
    This is something that I am currently struggling with whilst training. I think it’s through the fear of forgetting something but then I almost catch myself out by getting there to soon.
    The article has certainly helped me think in a slightly different light

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