Tag Team Cut Offs

More of a Ronseal blog today, I’m going to be talking about what it says in the title of the blog!

This one happened in a tag match (obviously) where the wrestlers weren’t teams just individuals working together. 

It was near the beginning of the match, the face team had been on top for a few minutes, there were then a couple of times that it looked like the heel in the ring would get back on top and they set the face up to sit on the corner turn buckle facing in. The face fought back, and kicked the heel away, the heels teammate came along the apron and tried to grab the face but got fought off too, then as the face was just turning back in the heel in the ring grabbed their foot and pulled their legs into the ring so that the back of their head caught the top buckle on the way down. 

The main thing I like here is the visual impact of the move, although you do have to be careful that the buckle isn’t exposed as a smack from that in free fall could do some damage. It gives a nice easily identifiable story point as well to set up work on the head and neck of the face for the rest of the match. I also like the fact that this spot doesn’t involve blatant cheating but still seems pretty dastardly, sure there is a distraction and the illegal tag partner is involved the actual cut off is just the two legal wrestlers as the face over-came the attempted interference but the distraction and numbers outdid them. That way the referee doesn’t have to be taken away from the action or made to look stupid either.

A word of warning now, I am seeing this structure for the cut off in tag matches a lot at the moment, so much so that it is starting to become quite formulaic. You can start to see the cut off developing and know what will happen next as you see it a lot, which isn’t always the best thing to do. An element of predictability is important in wrestling, but too much can start to have a negative effect. 

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