False Cut Off

Today’s blog is about something you may be familiar with, or maybe not. It might depend on how long you have been doing this or studying wrestling in detail. I call it the false cut off but some may refer to it as a long hope or even a false fire/come back.  

I generally use it as a method of elongating a hope spot or early shine to keep the face looking strong. You can use something like this pretty much anywhere in a match, the example I’m going to state happened around the middle of a match.  

In the match I saw the face started by firing back at the heel, some solid forearms and strikes eventually working him back to the corner. The face then went for a signature boot in the corner but his foot got caught by the heel who backed him up, threw the boot down and went for a suplex. As the face went over he dropped down to his feet so they were back to back and performed a neckbreaker, they then fed into the signature move from before. After this they went to the outside with the face getting a few more strikes in before being driven into the barricades. 

The false cut off is the part where it looked like the heel would stop the face with the suplex just to get reversed and have the babyface on top for a bit longer. You sometimes see hope spots go too long in the good guys favour which can seem a bit ridiculous if they have been getting pounded for the last few minutes, so the false cut off allows you to break up the onslaught and show that the heel is still in this and able to get back on top at any time. 

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