Back to School

Well today’s message will be a pretty simple one. You know the school boy pinning combination? Use it. 

Here are 10 times you could use it in a match: 

  1. As a way to catch a bigger opponent off guard
  2. In a sequence of pinning combinations
  3. As a quick uncommunicated hope spot
  4. Out of the corner after laying across the top rope to avoid an attack
  5. As someone is running towards you
  6. With your feet on the ropes to get a pin or near fall as a heel
  7. As a reversal to a suplex or DDT
  8. As a reversal to a waistlock
  9. Immediately from a lock up
  10. To stop a mahistrol cradle

There are undoubtedly hundreds more ways you can use it but it is such a useful move for many situations, if you are new and haven’t mastered it yet then get practicing.  

Feel free to get in touch if you want to ask me any questions.


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