Not So Macho

So this blog is going to discuss something I saw on a PPV match not that long ago. It was a relatively simple spot where one wrestler went up to the top rope to perform a signature top rope elbow drop on his opponent but after he leapt his opponent raised his knees and the arm crashed into them. 

Getting the knees up to counter a top rope move isn’t that unusual, in fact I’d say that it is reasonably commonplace. The reason I mentioned this one is that I haven’t seen it used against an elbow, or at least not so recently that I can remember. The one I saw was also perfectly timed and executed, which I find always helps add to the effect. The knees were only brought up once the jump had been made and it was nice and clear that the arm had gone across them with the sell that followed. 

It also tied in to the finish of the match, a submission that involves the arms as well, so the focus from the eventual winner and the commentary team went onto the impact the arm took when the knees went up. 

Very simple, very visual, and very effective when executed so well. 

Oooooh Yeaaah!!


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