The Difficult Double Clothesline

Double clotheslines. The ever faithful favourite that anyone can turn to when they are struggling for something to use as a double down.

Personally I’m not always that keen on it. Often it looks too contrived to get into, the impact looks weak, and when it comes out of nowhere I don’t think it really acts as an equalising blow on its own. I mean, if one person has been getting their head kicked in for 10 minutes hitting someone with a clothesline at the same time they hit you hardly suggests that you are both back on, or even close to, a level playing field.

I did however see it used recently in a context that I thought worked really well. It was a tag match and one of the wrestlers was choking their opponent in the corner with their foot, they backed off as the ref got towards 5 and played to the crowd whilst their opponent sold it, then as they turned around the opponent was charging at them and they both stepped in and landed the clotheslines at exactly the same time for a double down.

So what made this one work when others I see can make me cringe? Here are a few things:

  • Timing – both wrestlers swung and connected with each other at the same time
  • Commitment – neither backed out or held back on the contact
  • Momentum – the heel had played the space well giving both some space to step in to the contact
  • Tag partners – I think the double line out of nowhere works really well in tags, the face is beaten down so will always look for the tag, the heel can be winded and trying to get their partner in to stay in control

There are other things you can do to improve this spot as well, for example putting in a few smaller moves before the double line can help create the idea of a more even keel then the clothesline puts both competitors down.

So in summary, use the double down but know that you need a good partner to pull it off with.

I started these blogs as they are something I would have liked to read when I started out. If they are helping you out please share them with others who you think might benefit.


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