Triple Threat

Now today’s example might take a little explaining because I’m going to try and describe a triple threat spot that I saw which I saw that ended up with all 3 men down. 

If you’ve ever been involved in a triple threat match, or even studied one for any amount of time, you will have some understanding about how tough they can be. There are so many factors in there when you have 3 guys who can all become involved at any time so putting together a spot where all 3 can legitimately be down for a period of time is tough. 

In this particular description I’ll refer to each wrestler as 1, 2 and 3 to make things a bit simpler. So you had wrestler 1 going for a double version of a signature move of his when 2 and 3 stopped him with their knees. Wrestler 2 then kicked wrestler 3 sending him back to bounce off the ropes, as 2 turned around wrestler 1 jumped up and hit a signature striking move and then 1 turned around into a big clothesline from 3 who was bouncing back from the ropes while the last strike happened. 

This spot stood out for me because it was intricate enough to require great timing but simple enough that no one seemed to be waiting around for it to happen. I have a soft spot for triple threat matches so it lights me up to see them done really well like this one was. The skill and awareness shown by all 3 was a testament to their individual ability as well as their chemistry together. 

If you want to emulate this kind of thing then find some triple threat matches and watch and study them to discover how what you do can work into similar situation.

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