Outta Nowhere

I’ve said it before on this blog but I really appreciate the innovative or rarely used things in wrestling which is why I really like the spot I’m going to talk about today, I’m not certain that I have ever seen it used before or at least not recently enough to remember. 

This one is from a tag match that I was watching. One of the faces had been getting a pretty good beating for most of the match and was backed into his opponent’s corner. He started to fight back against both of the heels, fighting one away and knocking the other off the apron but then got thrown to the floor outside by the guy still in the ring. As the heel from inside came out after him he again fought him off, started to get on top, knocked him down and then headed back to the ring to try and make the tag. He slid back in and started to make his way across but out of nowhere the other heel comes across at a diagonal and wipes him out.

For me it was a simple but unusual cut off, it made the face seem pretty strong and really teased the hot tag looking like the face had done enough to make it there only for the cut off to come out of nowhere at an unexpected angle. It’s always good to see the alternatives to grabbing someone by the foot or pulling partners off the apron.  


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