Stay Strong

Another mat wrestling blog today, or at least primarily that, as usual it also has other applications too.

I was watching something online where the wrestlers started off exchanging holds back and forth. They worked onto the floor and ended up with one being held with their head in a leg scissors, they worked the hold well with some attempted reversals but the guy in control then trapped the arm. The guy on the floor was in a bit of trouble, his head is trapped and so is his arm, how is he going to get away?

Perhaps he could use a bridge to release the pressure? Maybe a clever piece of manipulation or leverage with his free arm to release the legs? He might just have to resort to getting to the ropes and forcing the break instead!

What actually happened next is that the wrestler with the hold on released his leg lock and floated over into a side headlock.

Now I personally have nothing against a side headlock, it’s a perfectly functional move, my issue here is that there are so many more ways to come out of it than the head scissors. The guy with the hold on gave up a position of strength for a weaker position.

Perhaps I’m being picky but for me things like this break my suspended disbelief, especially as the next thing they did was to work up to their feet and go into a running spot. Now maybe the guy in the hold wasn’t proficient enough to find a way out of it, maybe the person with the hold on was just desperate to get onto the next thing, but to me it all seemed very preplanned and rehearsed.

My suggestion would be to always think about the position you are in, where you plan to go next, and even if you need to go anywhere else from there, sometimes it is OK not to move on from where you are until it makes sense. This isn’t a hard and fast rule though, there’s a lot of flexibility in here to play with it, especially later on in matches.

If you know someone who is training to be a wrestler please share this with them, I’m getting lots of feedback from trainees saying they are finding it helpful.


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