It’s a Setup

I was watching a match the other week where, whilst working through some mat wrestling the two wrestlers ended up in a leg lock, on their backs, they turned the hold over until they were both on their fronts and then pushed up into a double headstand.

It was a good move and the end result was impressive but I wasn’t so keen on the way they got there.

Like I said, the double headstand looked pretty awesome but to get into the leg lock one of the wrestlers let go of a much stronger position on the arm and then the leg lock he put on his opponent didn’t look that convincing. As if to top it all off he then positioned his opponents legs in a way that relieved some of the pressure and it became obvious that this was to enable the headstand spot that came afterwards.

My point here is this, getting these nice looking spots in is great but try to find a natural way to get there, in this example the transition could have been better to get to the leg lock and they could have got to the correct position in the leg lock by the other guy trying to reverse or escape the hold instead.

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