Show Us What You Can Do

In a rare break from the seemingly random order of these pieces, today’s blog is going to follow straight on from the previous one.

As a reminder, I had been watching a wrestling match where the participants had ended up in a double headstand with their legs locked together. A pretty cool spot, even if I did have slight issues with how they got there.

Now I’m going to sound like a bit of a negative nancy here but I also disliked what they did next.

Basically what happened at the point they were both in the headstand was that they exchanged a few slaps, not really laying into each other just pretty gentle slaps. They looked pretty tame, no real effort or intensity in any of them.

For me there were so many other places to go, a couple of ideas would have been for one, possibly the heel, to show off how good they were for being able to get into that position too, another would have been to do one big strike rather than lots of feeble ones. You could even combine both of those things for a great little story point potentially.

The one big strike option is a solution to a common problem too, sometimes one good strike will do more for you than 20 weak ones. I’m not suggesting that you start hurting people here, in fact I personally think 1 big strike will hurt less than 20 too.

Anyway, let me know in the comments below if you’ve seen similar things.



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