Let Me Help You Out There

I’ve said many times that this blog is here to help people out and any of you that know me personally will know that helping others is a big thing for me. You might also have picked up that I am of the belief that a lot of what we do in the ring is about working with the guy or girl that you are in there with, however even I have my limits.

I was watching a match the other day where, whilst the two guys were wrestling on the mat, I noticed a theme developing. Often times when reversing each other’s holds there was some obvious assistance going on to be able to get to the next hold.

Again, don’t get me wrong, what we do isn’t a fight we do have to help each other out, but there is a fine line between doing that and deliberately positioning yourself for what is coming next. For one thing, I think it betrays your skill level and devalues you both as wrestlers as it makes it seem like what you have is all pre-planned (whether it is or not) and then that becomes the message you tell people.

Secondly, if what you do looks planned out you take away the suspension of disbelief that you are aiming to get from the crowd. You want them to believe that, for the time you are out there, you are fighting each other and, in this stage of the match, that you are jockeying for position and trying to outwit each other not helping each other out.

So how do you get away from this? For me personally I like to find my way when I’m out there, I might have an idea in my mind when I start but then I find a way from where I am in that moment to get to the place I want to go. Sometimes that means I never get there, sometimes it makes it seem a little scrappy but for me that’s part of the story you are telling.


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