It seems like no time at all has passed since I was talking about positions of strength and this certainly ties into last week’s blog about helping out too much but please, please, please will people start to take wristlocks more seriously? 

Now I’m not necessarily talking about your general starting point with two hands on someone’s wrist (although I think there are many ways to make that stronger too), I’m speaking more about the front wristlock or top wristlock that you can secure with a keylock hold.

I saw it recently in a match where, whilst exchanging holds, one wrestler reversed a headlock into a top wristlock, locked it off with a keylock, and forced the other wrestler down to the ground. Great stuff, a nice strong hold, good use of leverage, took the other guy off his feet, had control of him on the ground, then he let him go.


I just don’t understand the thinking behind this kind of stuff. You want to transition to a hold on someone’s leg, absolutely fine, find your way there from where you are, there are probably hundreds, but remember that as soon as you let go you lose control of the other guy and if they don’t try to move or take back control themselves it’s no longer real and you get the questions starting. Questions such as the ones I mention here – Trust and the Hard Cam

Anyway, if you like these pieces please share with others and spread the word. 


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