So I’ve been waiting nearly 30 weeks to post this blog, mainly because I see this as a huge problem in a lot of wrestling I see, both independently and also on TV shows and PPVs. Pins, where to start with pins? Well, aside from having people in the ring, pins are an essential part of a wrestling match. They are the most common way to win (“one fall” and all that jazz) but also key points in the story that you tell, especially when they are unsuccessful.

I’m not going to concentrate on the timing of pin attempts today though, more on the technique, and if you’ve ever had a few training sessions with me or a discussion regarding your match this may be a familiar gripe.

Whether you have someone in a pinning combo, like a small package, school boy or crucifix for example, or you are doing a standard lateral press never ever EVER let go of the pin!

It’s a simple thing really but I see it so often (I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it myself too) the referee gets to a two count and you start to release the pin rather than having your opponent actually kick out of the pin attempt. Now don’t take this too far and force their shoulders down to a point where they can’t get out. Most pins, when worked correctly, can be escaped but if you let go before your opponent tries to get out it just looks rubbish. 

This is a 6 of one and half a dozen of the other though, if you are getting pinned then make sure you actually kick out. I’ve seen people pinned for the finish when they shouldn’t have been and also crowds expecting a 3 that wasn’t counted as the referee knew it wasn’t the finish even though the shoulders were down. 

Practical tip here, practice makes perfect. Make sure you know not only how to perform a number of different pins (there are more than you imagine) but also how to get out of them and get your shoulders off the ground if you are in them. 


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