A More Positive Tone

I’m very aware that the last few blogs that I have written have been pretty critical of things that I have seen so I thought I’d bring a more positive view back to proceedings today by highlighting one of those moves that I haven’t seen for a while that I really like and was well utilised.

I think the best way to describe the move is as a rollover scorpion deathlock, you start with your opponent face down on the mat, tie their legs by crossing their left ankle behind their right knee and pulling up their right foot to lock it. Then you put your left knee in the gap between their legs, use your right leg to trap their right leg in place, put one hand through the leg gap and roll through till they are on their back and you are on your butt. You should then be able to lock your other hand and pull to stretch the leg and groin area of your opponent.

I like this hold because it looks pretty complex but can be perfected with a little practice, you can also use it on someone who doesn’t really know it as long as you are good at it. You can also probably use your foot in the gap rather than your knee for additional effect if your flexibility (and your opponent’s) allows it.

A few warning points, be careful if your opponent has really thick legs, sometimes the roll through transition doesn’t work so well there. And make sure you think about positioning, roll through movements can always have the chance of leaving you too close to the ropes. And finally, it’s difficult to get out of this one, make sure there is an escape route if you are going to need one otherwise you have to release what looks like a strong position for no reason. 


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