Don’t Mix It Up (Sometimes)

Today I wanted to explore one of the things that I think takes matches from being decent or even really good to great. 

It came to me when I was watching a match the other day. Early on in the match the heel cut the face off using the below sequence (generally I dislike that word but it is probably the simplest way to describe it). 

The face sent the heel towards the corner but it was reversed, the face ran in face first and did an up and over to go over the heel turning away as she landed. As she fed back around the heel came out of the corner with a discus forearm to knock her down and take control. 

Later on in the match the heel had the face in a rest hold, I believe it was a head chancery, the face fought back, pushed the heel back first to the corner and hit a couple of shoulders. As the referee asked for a break the face backed off to the middle, then the heel came out swinging a line which the face ducked before hitting a dropkick to swing the momentum back her way. 

Ultimately the two elements were decent, well timed, made sense and fit with the story that was being told. However, I felt there was a tiny change that could have helped take it to another level. 

I believe that the best way to start the comeback would have been for the heel to come out of the corner trying to hit the discus forearm she hit earlier instead of going for a clothesline and have the face duck that instead. 

Let’s be honest here, this kind of thing is going to be barely noticed by the majority of fans watching, at least not consciously.  We are talking about the fine margins of the art form here and I believe that sometimes these small things don’t get noticed, but spectators feel like they have seen something a bit more special.

Please like and share and add comments below for any examples of the small marginal things you notice.  


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