A Swing and a Miss

A very very simple one this time that, since I first noticed it a few months ago, I have now seen numerous times and I think is a very effective way to set something up that can often look very forced and staged. 

I’ve seen this most often in Junior Heavyweight matches but it’s that point where one of the wrestlers ends up outside and you know there is probably a dive coming and what I see happening some of the time is the people on the receiving end either stood in place waiting for ages, standing away and rushing to get to a position they weren’t in, or worse missing a large portion of the dive leaving their opponents to take a heavy fall on the floor. 

The first of those examples looks fake, like this has all been set up so they knew they need to wait there at that time. The second is risky, you might not get there in time, but also looks fake as the person going for the dive was diving at no one. And the third is downright dangerous. 

The alternative I saw was, as the person on the floor was near the edge of the ring, the person in the ring swung a kick through the ropes to get their opponent to step away. Then, as the person on the floor turned into the space created, the guy inside took off and did the dive over the top rope and onto his opponent.  

For me it was just a little extra thing that made sure everyone was where they needed to be in order for the move to look good, make sense and be (relatively) safe. It doesn’t have to be a kick though there are plenty of Mexican fake dives that could be used to create the same effect (the origins of the 619 and the handspring to the ropes lie in those).

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