That Awkward Moment

Another simple one today, and something that would be easy for plenty of people to incorporate as a little story point in a match. 

It was another Junior Heavyweight match that I saw this in and, as can be a popular way to start these matches, there was a lot of fast paced back and forth wrestling at the start of it. This ended in a position where both wrestlers were on their feet in a stand off to the applause of the watching crowd. 

At this point both wrestlers stretched out their hands and exchanged a handshake but rather than the quick touch of hands that you usually see at this point the handshake was firm and rather than release it the one who would become the more aggressive heel in the match held onto his opponents hand for slightly longer than was comfortable. At this point the face had to break the handshake with his other arm. 

The reason I like this is because it allowed both guys to start the match fairly neutral in the eyes of the fans, showcase what they could do on an even standing, and then set out a pretty clear indication of who was going to be the aggressor in the match and ultimately play the heel. No one had to cheat, they didn’t even shout at the crowd, they just did something that was perceived as being aggressive because it was different to what you might normally see at that point.  


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