Hold On

Today I am going to talk about a really little detail, in fact it is a detail so small that you might not notice it being there or being missing but if you do notice it then you get told a deeper story in the match you are watching.

In the example that I saw it happened early in the match so both wrestlers were on a pretty even keel. One of the wrestlers got the other up into a fireman’s carry position but the guy on top then slid down the back of his opponent into a double leg (sunset flip) pinning combination. All of that was fairly standard but the thing that really caught my eye was that as the guy getting pinned was in the position he wasn’t just lying there waiting until the count of 2 to kick out he was looking around to see what he could do. 

Ultimately he rolled out backwards to break the pin but as he did he looked like he was trying to grab the foot of his opponent with his fingers slipping off the toes as they broke apart. 

For me the great things involved here were the look on the face of the wrestler as he was getting pinned and the attempt at grabbing another hold. It told me the story that there was potentially some jeopardy in this position by being concerned that his opponent had got him there and that he was looking for a way out that would ultimately benefit him.

Now he didn’t actually get the hold on his opponent in this example, it’s probable that he never intended to actually take the hold, but he did sell it all to me as a real situation.

One thing to bear in mind with something like this is placement. This was all performed early in the match with both guys fresh and there is a pretty valid argument that you wouldn’t have the wherewithal to do something like going for another hold later in the match when you might be a little more beat up and potentially more eager just to get away. 

If you’ve noticed examples of this please feel free to share them in the comments below or on one of the Facebook posts for this article



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