Let Me Tell You a Story

Today’s blog is all about how you can tell a very good story in a very short space of time.

It came about in a match I was watching where one opponent had a clear size and strength advantage over his smaller opponent. The smaller guy was sat on the top turnbuckle and jumped off to try and catch his opponent with a tornado DDT but the bigger guy used his strength to stop the momentum and place him back onto the top turnbuckle. The bigger guy went for a jumping insighuri kick but it was blocked with two hands and pushed away causing some separation between the two, the smaller guy then used that space to jump off and hit the DDT.

I like this because it gets across some very good story points in a very short space of time whilst also selling the idea of it being a real fight. It was an effective way to tell us several things about both wrestlers:

  1. The smaller guy has a tornado DDT that he wants to hit
  2. The bigger guy is strong enough to block the move if just standing there
  3. The bigger guy is also agile as he can throw in the insighuri attempt
  4. The smaller guy is still alive and aware enough to block and push the kick away
  5. The tornado DDT can now be hit as the separation allowed more momentum to hit the bigger guy whilst he was more off balance.

All of that took place in the space of less than 30 seconds. Admittedly these were themes from the entire match all tied back here but at the same time it could still have told a lot of this story even in a much shorter match.

So can you think of any more 30 second examples that tell the story of the entire match?


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