You and I Should Ride the Coast

In a recent match I was watching there was a spot where, after having been on top for a while one of the wrestlers got cut off and his opponent started to climb to the top turnbuckle only to get stopped himself by a jumping kick that knocked his legs over the rope and he eventually ended up in a tree of woe position. The first guy then took a bit of time to walk across the ring go to the outside, gee up the crowd and then hit a springboard coast to coast drop kick on the guy in the tree of woe.

The move itself looked impressive and I really liked the set up to get his opponent into the tree of woe, my issue comes with the amount of time that the whole thing took. Now you can read back to earlier blogs to see that I am no fan of Rushing things but there are points where speed is important.

In my opinion the time it took to get from the kick to performing the coast to coast was just too long, in the time between there was no movement from the guy tied up in the corner yet moments earlier he had been alive enough to climb up to the top rope and nothing happened to keep him there. Also the guy hitting the moves had moments earlier been fine hitting several moves in succession but now had to sell and take his time crossing the ring and then waste more time in getting the crowd going when they were already reacting with anticipation. 

For me there were a few different ways to take this, either by increasing the speed after the set up, or by hitting something as simple as a couple of kicks in the corner to keep the opponent there. Alternatively you can take the time and miss the move as you have allowed the opponent enough time to recover and escape.

One other idea might have been to take the time earlier in the match and either get stopped or miss the move there increasing the anticipation and reducing the need to go to the crowd later on.

It might be a simple thing but thinking about these elements is another opportunity to go from good to great. 


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