I Was A Prayer

Another tag team blog, and this one is on something that you might have been told about as a trainee or noticed as you have watched tag matches on shows and it’s all around the “Hot Tag”.

If you don’t already know what a hot tag is (and I’m sure you do whether you know the name of it or not) it is the tag that happens towards the end of the match when the good guy comes back enough to finally make the tag to his partner, usually at just about the same time as the bad guys tag as well. What you may not know is that young wrestlers are taught (or should be) that the heels should tag a moment before the faces to help build some more drama.

The issue that sometimes arises here is a matter of timing, sometimes the heels get to their corner a lot sooner than the face expects and then they end up struggling to get to their corner and make the tag to their partner before the heel is on top of them.

This can be used as a tool though in several ways, perhaps you could look as though the heels are about to stop the faces tag and they escape to finally make it, but I often see people end up right next to the face before they plan to be there and they end up just doing nothing and waiting for the other guy to tag even if they could easily have stopped them.

My advice here would be to practice watching what is going on without looking like you are watching so if you are the face in the ring you can subtly keep an eye out for your cue, or just get some communication going, there is nothing wrong with your tag partner telling you that the opponent is going to make a tag as that is what you would expect them to do.

Another example I watched recently, and it was a little old school, is for the heel to come in off of the hot tag, stride purposely over towards the face as they get to their corner for the tag putting them right next to the fresh face getting into the ring bet then they did what I call “begging off” making prayer signs with their hands as they backed up towards the middle of the ring.

There are plenty of other examples, share any that you have seen below and please share this post for others to find. 


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