Spinning Around

Another tag one to stay on a similar theme, although this one could be useful for singles matches in a few scenarios.

The thing I saw recently happened at the end of a tag match, it had been going on for about 10-12 minutes with the usual structure. One of the faces had been beaten up for a while after they had been on top at the start then the other face got the “hot tag” to come in and even things up again. There was a bit of back and forth with a couple of near falls each which ultimately ended up in the non-legal heel breaking up a pinfall attempt by the faces just as it looked like they were going to win the match.

After breaking up the pin the non-legal man left the ring with the face in hot pursuit and chased him all the way around and followed him as he slid back in just for the legal heel to grab the face, hit a DDT on him and pick up the victory from there.

The reason I liked this spot so much is that it takes a common trope from wrestling, the chase around the ring section, and puts a slightly different spin on it by inserting it into a part of the match where we wouldn’t usually see it. The fact that it was also the finish of the match and not the usual finisher for that tag team gave it that “Outta Nowhere” feeling too.

Playing with the “normal” concepts is something I love and something like this could be used in a singles match as well although I think it works better with a tag, or perhaps a manager’s involvement.

Any other examples out there of playing with something like this? Let me know in the comments.


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