Say it without words…

If you regularly check out my brief ramblings on this blog then you will know that one group of things I am a fan of is the simple things we can do as wrestlers to help a story along.

I saw a great example recently that allowed the wrestlers to tell a nice little story whilst keeping quite specifically with their characters. The main element of this small section was that one of the wrestlers used their own personalised taunt. Now to some customised taunts and poses might seem like something straight out of a wrestling video game but if you take a second to study wrestling in any detail you will see a predominance of these, especially at the top level of what we do.

Whether it is Tye Dillinger’s “10”, Matt Hardy’s “Delete”, or even that noise we all make when anyone does a chop now, these actions are a key part of the arsenal for anyone who really wants to make it. Think about your character and what they might do to pose, taunt, encourage or berate the crowd in a manner that is suited to you and try and give yourself something you can use.

Once you have something you could use it in a similar way to how I saw this used in a match I watched tonight (time of writing, not of posting) where after a brief section of wrestling one guy came out slightly on top but both combatants were separated. The one who got the best of thee exchange then proceeded to do his character based taunt and as the other guy, frustrated by this, ran back a him he caught his head and took him over into a headlock takedown. Another great thing in the match was that later on he did the same taunt whilst his opponent was on the ground and when he jumped off the turnbuckle for the move we was planning the other guy moved.

Simple and effective, just how I like it…. 

Anyway, like and share this blog if you have enjoyed it, if not, that’s fine too.


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