A little context is a powerful thing

One of the things I like to see in wrestling matches, in the right context, is when people are thinking ahead. 

Now I’m going to have to clarify that statement a bit. I’m not talking about being so focused on what you have “planned” next that you aren’t thinking about what is going on at that moment. That’s a pet peeve of mine that I could write several blog pieces on, ultimately if you aren’t “in the moment” for want of a better phrase then the crowd won’t be either.

Anyway, I digress from my original point. The way I like to see thinking ahead used is when the wrestler is thinking about how to get from where he is now to where he needs to go next in the context of what is happening in the match so that the whole sequence seems more real.  

Here’s an example for you; in the match I watched one of the wrestlers hit a fisherman’s buster and rather than holding on and bridging for the pin he floated round to sit on the chest and pull up both his opponents legs for the pin. This was a little unusual but made enough sense in its own right, a little extra time for more leverage in the pin, but then what happened next helped it all click into place.  

As the guy being pinned kicked out the wrestler on top kept hold of the left leg and spun around into a knee bar position in one smooth movement. It all made sense and tied together nicely with the work that he had been doing on that leg throughout the match. The fisherman’s buster could have been enough to end it but whilst thinking ahead the wrestler knew that if the guy he was pinning kicked out then he could easily get to a submission that he knew would finish him off. 

This thinking can help anywhere in the match but don’t get bogged down with making the transition too fancy as you can start to make it too contrived. The beauty of the above is that whilst it looks technical and difficult it’s actually pretty simple to execute. 


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