What’s Old is New

Another difficult to describe blog today, and another move I saw executed perfectly in a match I mentioned here Around The World.
This time it started with one of the opponents on their back locked in a toe hold with his right leg also trapped. They work their right foot out slowly and then use it on the front of their opponents knee to get them to stand bent over in a weaker position. Then they proceeded to grab their opponents right leg and using leverage there start to spin. The spin eventually causes the left foot to work loose to and as they got back to the position they started in they put both feet through in between the legs of their opponent and then pull them back placing the top of your foot behind their knees and pull back to do a double leg takedown.
Again I’d suggest checking out the match for a clearer idea of what I mean here but it was so smooth and seamless that you could tell it was well drilled and going to be pretty effective.
Do you have any old favourites? Share them in the comments below.

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