Oh Snap!

As you may have gathered by now I have a love of taking the ordinary and sometimes mundane and putting a different spin on it, doing it in an unexpected way. This isn’t limited to wrestling though it also applies to the comedy I like and even the types of shows and films I enjoy. Now this doesn’t mean everything has to be unusual or unexpected, if you spend all your time thinking about what the next plot twist is for example, you will probably miss some of the story you should pay attention to. 

The spot I’m going to focus on this week is one I saw that put an ordinary move (or two in this case) and put them together when you don’t usually see them combined, you also don’t usually see them at the point of the match they were put in. 

This time out the guys were in the middle of the heat and one wrestler took hold of another whilst they were in the corner and snapmared them out towards the middle of the ring. The one who was snapmared rolled through and up to his feet and fed around to end up in the path of the now running opponent who then gave him a solid shoulder tackle. 

Often you don’t see a heel use a tackle as a weapon outside of the very early stages of a match so although the move was very basic the placement made it a little unusual and unexpected, The combination was also a little different too. 

It also showed some forethought, the whole idea of; if I do this then they will do that so I can then do this. Sometimes we do these things because the combination looks good, not really thinking about the why enough and portraying the combination as a tactical move. This made it really stick in my mind. 

So are there any combinations that you use which could have a different spin if you simplified them or thought about why the combination works?  


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