Let’s Twist Again

Today I am going to focus on another simple old school move that is again gaining popularity but I’ll also mention some of the reasons that we should be paying attention to these simple moves again. 

The move I’m going to point out specifically is Jack Gallagher’s cross legged monkey flip that he regularly uses on the shows he is on. If you haven’t seen it, essentially it starts from a missed dropkick or sometimes a double leg takedown, his opponent grabs both legs under their arms but Gallagher then twists over to cross his legs and rolls forwards to flip his opponent. 

As I mentioned earlier, the move is simple and fairly basic but the point I want to make is that we seem to neglect these basic moves more and more recently for things that we feel are more specific or flashy or impactful. 

For example, go pick a recent PPV and count how many arm drags, hip tosses and even monkey flips you see on them. Now I’m all for individuality in wrestling and quite like flashy stuff too, and anyone who has seen my matches will know I like impactful, but I think we often neglect how being able to do some of the basic things really well can help build a match. 

Now if you’ve been around wrestling long enough you will know how these things come and go in cycles so my advice would be learn the basics first, find out how you can use them and add flair to make them your own. Then you can build everything else from there. 


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