Blog 44 – Because I’m So Strong

So this post is going to seem like it flies a little in the face of my last one. It stems from me having seen a move combination that was both unique and impactful which I might have seemed like I was dismissing but that’s not the case. Let’s face it, if you look at the “Halo” that I use from time to time it also fits these categories.  

The combination I saw was a suplex which the wrestler then turned into a powerbomb. I like the combination in general because it is a great show of power and strength but also because it told a story about that wrestler.  

My point in the last post was more around how basic moves are being neglected a little right now but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for the special, unique or personalised moves. That goes even more so for moves that add to your character, see again that Gallagher monkey flip or the move I described above. 

I think that if you can make various moves your own, either by doing them better than anyone else or by making them different then you have more chance of standing out amongst the rest. 

Do you have anything that you have personalised? Or an example of where someone else has? Just post some below. 


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