Finish Him

I was told a long time ago that there are 4 areas that you should judge a finishing move on. These are:

  1. Impact – How impactful it looks to those watching?
  2. Quickness – How easy is it to get into?
  3. Flexibility – Can you do it to anybody?
  4. Reversals – How easy is it to reverse?

I could spend an entire blog going into detail on each of the above, and I probably will at some point in the future, but for today take this framework and score moves that you see or do out of 10 on each point, how well does it stack up?

A couple of examples would be something like the RKO (Ace Crusher/Cutter if you prefer). It looks pretty impactful most of the time; you can get to it lots of ways, even “outta nowhere”; anybody can take it; and if you can’t think of a reversal I’d suggest you watch a few more wrestling matches.

Another current example would be Gallagher’s headbutt and corner dropkick combo. His timing on both is immaculate so they look hugely impactful, the headbutt setup can happen at any time, it doesn’t rely on the size or ability of the opponent and there are plenty of ways to break it up.

The thing is, you don’t have to get a 10 on everything, you can certainly sacrifice one in favour of another if it makes a better result but you should always bear them all in mind.


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