I’ve mentioned on here several times in the past that I hate when things seem too contrived and love when something seems to just happen naturally, even more so if several things seem to happen naturally all in a row. 

One thing that often gets me annoyed is how contrived dives feel a lot of the time they are performed. Now I know dives are a reasonably hot topic right now but I do think they have a place and can add something to a match but I often feel that they are included for the sake of it rather than for a good reason. Furthermore, they always seem to happen at the same time and usually after a heel rolls out of the ring having taken a few small moves, they also seem to be stood there waiting for them a lot too. 

This isn’t to say that all dive spots are setup this way. I was watching a match earlier where the structure that led to the dive made sense and everything just seemed to randomly lead to it rather than it having been predetermined from the start. 

In this match one of the wrestlers was setting up to do a move to the other wrestler off of the turnbuckle as a “super” version of the move, his opponent wriggled free and slid down to attempt a powerbomb by lifting the other wrestler off the corner ropes. The first guy blocked this attempt by holding the ropes and then proceeded to punch his opponent’s head that was between his legs but after a few shots the other guy moved and caught the hand pulling it down through the first guy’s own legs until his head was trapped by the top turnbuckle pad. 

He then superkicked his head, grabbed him and delivered the running powerbomb that he had been attempting but as it hit they guy taking it bounced off the mat and rolled to the outside, seemingly to avoid a pin or delay and stall the momentum that had built just for the other wrestler to come flying through the ropes with a suicide dive. 

It all just seemed to run together so smoothly and no one seemed like they were waiting for what was supposed to happen next, it just seemed to end up that way by happy accident.  

Now I’m sure there are plenty of examples where this works pretty well but at the same time the performances here were spot on to tell the story they wanted to tell and elicit the response they wanted to from the crowd. Have a think about those things next time you want to …..dive.


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