I’ll Do You a Trade

To show I don’t automatically love an entire match based on either the people involved or because they do something I really like today’s blog piece is from the same match as the last one and almost does the opposite of what the first one did.

This spot won’t be as complex as the last one so it might result in a shorter post but it still carries an important message.

The thing I spotted from later in the match that I saw the dive in was a point when both wrestlers were down and they both happened to roll to the same apron at the same time and proceed to get to their feet there and trade strikes before working into a spot that ended with an impactful move on the apron.

At first glance there might not seem to be much of an issue here but for me it was just a little odd. I was wondering why they both rolled to the same side, I get that at a point where you are both down for a count you might want to find a way to recover by creating some distance but surely you wouldn’t keep going to the same side when you noticed your opponent doing the same.

Why not instead have one go outside and have the other stay in and then work to both end up on the apron. That then keeps it all making sense and still allows the same spot to happen complete with the major bump at the end.

It seems like a simple change and the difference might seem subtle but I think it can prevent having those questions in the crowd without much, if any, added time.

Let me know if you have any other examples of the same thing.



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