Are you scared?

This one could easily follow on from the last stemming, as it does, from watching the same match. And I suppose this is a similar but broader application of my previous point. 

In this match I noticed several times when the strikes one of the wrestlers threw seemed sloppy and weak and at the same time there seemed little to no intent when running at their opponent to give or take a move, more noticeable when taking the moves. For me this is one of the quickest ways to disengage your audience and it showed in this match. A usually boisterous crowd were quiet for long periods of this relatively short encounter.  

I particularly dislike strikes being done badly. I’ve been on the receiving end of plenty of those over the years and they often look pretty poor and hurt more than ones that are done well. Ultimately if you don’t have the best striking skills just keep them to a minimum whilst you improve, believe me when I say that everyone will thank you when you do. 

The second part though speaks to a whole other issue, fear. I’m a big believer that a little fear can be a healthy thing (at the time of writing I have 2 small kids and I seem to need to have fear for te both of them sometimes) but there are some things that you can’t be afraid of, or at least show it. In this particular example I saw hesitation when running in to take a back elbow and even when going to miss a splash in the corner. 

The type of fear that you can acceptably show in a wrestling ring is fear of an opponent’s finisher or maybe even an unusual or dangerous move but not when you are supposed to be on a fairly basic attack which you intend to come out the better of but are going to get reversed, one way or another. You can’t be scared of getting hit with an elbow when you are intending to hit a shoulder tackle or of hitting the turnbuckles when you are aiming to squash your opponent into them, it doesn’t make sense, and you just end up looking fake, losing the crowd and having that reflect on your abilities. 

Sometimes in this business you are going to take some shots, and sometimes you are going to get hurt but you can’t let the crowd know that’s what is happening as you aren’t supposed to know yet either. Stay in the moment rather than the next 6 moments. 


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