I Like to Bounce

So after the last few posts getting a little longer and into deep and meaningful wrestling stuff today’s is shorter and simpler on something small that I saw and liked. 

Most of you will have noticed the tendency and preference currently for people to do a move in the corner, run to the opposite corner hard, then run back to hit either the same move again or a slightly different one. 

Personally I’m not a fan, nothing particularly against it, tried it in a match once and felt like it didn’t work for me, not sure what the effect that is being aimed for actually is. What I have seen that I prefer is the step off the opposite turnbuckle to start your run back, and more recently I saw a wrestler run of the ropes close to the opposite corner and run back. 

Now I really like the last way of doing this, I think it is tough to do well and you really have to commit to it but the way I saw it done seemed to add momentum to the splash they performed on the other side and make it more than what it originally would have been. 


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