Come Out Swinging

This time round the thing I am going to focus my attention on is relatively small but the application of it can be much larger than the simple way it was used in the match I watched. 

In the contest I watched there was a period of wrestling at the start with an exchange of armdrags and eventually the wrestlers ended up in a rear waistlock. What the guy being held did then was to reach forward and make an exaggerated attempt at an elbow to the head of the guy behind him. The wrestler with the hold ducked out of the way by moving his head to the left and his opponent who had thrown the elbow grabbed his head with his left arm to get into a headlock.  

The reason I like this simple spot is for the intelligence and forethought it shows and how it can be applied to multiple areas in a match to tell a story about things like strategy, planning, ring smarts and even the idea of outsmarting your opponent. You could use this later in a match too, there’s an old example of faking a punch which the opponent ducks just to be caught by a DDT. 

You don’t want to do this all the time as it becomes obvious but think about how you can throw it in every now and then.


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