Mind the Gap

Another simple one today which again stands out because it is a little different to how most approach the same thing. 

Everyone knows the simple international spot don’t they, shoot off, tackle down usually followed by a sleep and a leapfrog. The way I saw it used wasn’t particularly different but it was more the way that it was done that made the difference. 

I see a consistent struggle from trainee wrestlers with what to do after sending their opponents off the ropes towards the other side, often just ending up standing and waiting to be hit by the subsequent tackle. There are plenty of other ways to approach it though, I often teach people to sell the headlock or even cover more of the ring when shooting them off so that the space in between is filled or minimised. 

What I saw in the match I watched recently was the wrestler who had sent his opponent across the ring then stood in the centre with arms stretched out wide as if to challenge the opponent who was running back at him. Ultimately he still got knocked down but I thought it was a good alternative, I also quite like the send off and spin around version too. 

Do you have any other ways you like to fill that gap? 


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